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The New York State Boating & PWC Safety Course

NY Boating & PWC Safety CourseMost auto accidents happen close to home .... same applies to boating. Many individuals passed away or were critically injured because they were never took a simple boating safety course. Just last year alone the waters in upstate New York and out on Long Island claimed the lives of a dozen people.


On May 1, 2014 The new Boating & PWC law went into effect. New York State Governor, Andrew Cuomo, passed a law, requiring all individuals born after May 1st, 1996 to take the New York state approved boating safety course. The course is designed to teach the basic boating skills which are necessary for safe boating. Along with teaching boating skills, the eight hour class allows the audience to understand the consequences of careless boating while encouraging common sense in respect to others on the water. The course has already proven successful as many New Yorkers have been educated resulting in less incidents. The law has does not apply to all but the writing is on the wall, eventually all individuals are going to be required to be certified.

I am a recreational boater for 30 years and am a strong promoter of boating safety, I have successfully taught over 1000 students. When in the classroom, I like to include some personal experiences I have had on the water. I offer classes throughout New York City metropolitan area as well as Long Island. At the same time, I also offer private classes at public locations.

The New York State Boating Safety course is a NASBLA approved course which means the course is nationally accredited, once you have taken the course you are good for life. You must be at least 10 years of age in order to take this course. In order to meet NASBLA standards, at the end of the eight hour course students must take a 50 question multiple choice exam. In order to successfully pass the course and to receive your official New York State Boating Certificate, a student has to score at least a 76%.

In order to enforce the new law, any violators (uncertified operators) will be fined upwards of $100 1st offense. Penalties increase on different increments depending on the number of offenses, at that point, imprisonment is an option at the discretion of NYS officials.

I have heard from reliable sources that law enforcement will be pulling over as many boaters and jetski operators as possible doing safety and BUI checks. Don't wait to take your course.

Become educated in boating safety in order to have smooth sailing ahead. Sign up at, If you have not already taken the NYS Boating and PWC safety course. Even if you might have taken the course in the past, it is always good to take a refresher course.

Don't stop at just the course; further your education with an on water class as well.

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